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Maine Coon Breed in Vienna

2005 I saw a Maine Coon and I was fallin in love - the idea of breeding was born. My first Maine Coon breeding cat moved to me 2006 and 2008 the first 2 Kittens saw the light of day and I launched up my Jacquthos Maine Coon Cattery, located near Vienna.

My breeding cats are HCM and PKD screened, vaccinated against flu, panleukopenia and cat leucosis. They should have a lovely character, good type & size and must be healthy and fit! I feed them with a lot of raw meat (barf) but they also know canned and dry food.

Jacquthos Kittens

  • Kittens are allow to go to their new home, when they are 12 weeks old
  • I don´t sell them in single cat attitude 
  • all of my Kittens have a pedigree
  • pet lover Kittens are neutered before they leave my home 
  • breeding cats are vaccinated against leucosis and have a microchip

All of my cats leave me with pedigree and health certificate.

Jacquthos Maine Coon Cattery is controlled and registered! ​

Please contact me per Mail or telephone: +43/676 733 8225