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A*Jacqutho's Vegas

colour creme tabby white (solid)
birth date 05.09.2014
mother A*Jacquthos Narnia Narriana black tortie
father Octagon z Matrixu*CZ creme tabby white
Summer 2015:  Heart & Kidney sound unremarkable
Octagon z Matrixu, MCO e 03 22 World King Freestyle Artist, MCO ns 09 22 Respectcoon Clear Ocean, MCO ns 09 22
World King Aloha, MCO fs 03 22
Iron Maiden z Matrixu, MCO g GIC CoolMotion's Quicket, MCO e 22
Wild Pantera od Vajgaru, MCO n
Jacquthos Narnia Narriana, MCO f Argos Attersee Cats, MCO n Dixifield of El Dorado, MCO ns
Jamaica of El Dorado, MCO n
Lions Corner Cheyenne Savannah, MCO f 09 Quincy Jones of Baccaracoon, MCO ds 09
Twilightzone De Leila, MCO g 09